Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Moment Of Truth!

     It's the moment you've all been waiting for! Ok, so maybe it's just the moment I've been waiting for. I finally got my placement letter today! I've been placed in the Al Ain region of Abu Dhabi, which is also sometimes referred to as the Oasis. I will work about an hour and fifteen minutes from my housing in a town called Al Wagan. I have yet to find out the grade, but I do know I am working in a new school that is coed and 1-5. Don't get too excited, I will have all boy classes and all girls classes. They're taking their integration in baby steps!
     While I had originally wanted Abu Dhabi City, I am not upset about this placement. Sure it would've been nice to live near the water and have the gorgeous views all the time, but there are several upsides to where I have been placed.
1) I will hopefully spend less money, as it it a little more suburban.
2) Supposedly, we receive a stipend for living over an hour away from work. (We shall see about this one!)
3) It is hot, but not nearly as humid as the city. I think I will be especially grateful for this in the upcoming months as the temperature continues to rise.
4) I will always appreciate both Abu Dhabi City and Dubai because I will only get to visit them on weekends! This will also give me something to look forward too if the the weeks start to drag.
5) Last, but certainly not is NOT the western region which is located approximately in the middle of nowhere! I will at least be surrounded by some civilization. Al Ain may be a city in the middle of the dessert, but there are still malls, restaurants, and activities that are easily accessible.
    So, there you have it folks. It wasn't my first choice, but I am surprisingly pleased with the outcome of today's orientation. I look forward to getting out to my new school, meeting my co-workers and acclimating myself to a new region of Abu Dhabi. All this paid vacation has been wonderful, but I am very excited to get to work!

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