Tuesday, April 3, 2012

It's April Already??

     I can't believe it has been two weeks since my last post. I guess time flies when you're having fun! Since I last surfaced in blog world, I have gone to Al Maya Island twice, made another visit to Dubai, gotten my apartment as set up as it's going to get, been to an Emirati wedding, seen Hunger Games, used my gym membership for the first time, went to my first rooftop BBQ, and have been generally enjoying life.
     Despite the fact that Mike and Sarah were insistent that I stay away from boats, I have gone twice to Al Maya island. Both times by boat, and can you imagine, I have survived to talk about it! Anyway, this island is great. My friends and I have gone for the last two Fridays, and it is so nice to just relax by the beach and have a Corona! It is free as long as you get over there by 2 and is complete with beach, infinity pool, swim up bar, waiters, and DJ. The place is packed with people and there are always lots of beautiful men walking around, so no complaints from this girl.
Magnolia Bakery!
     I also went to Hunger Games twice. I had told one friend I'd see it with her, but then couldn't wait to see it until I got back to Al Ain, so I went in AD. I loved it! I was sad I couldn't see it with my Daniele sisters, but at least I got to see it! It was as good, if not better than the book, and if you haven't seen it yet, or read the books, you should do both!! The only thing that stinks about seeing movies here is the fact that movie etiquette does not exist. People will answer phone calls and have full conversations in the middle of the movie. It would drive my brother nuts! I've gotten over it though, and my love of going to the movies far outweighs my annoyance with my fellow moviegoers.
Outside for the fountains!
     I made another visit to Dubai as well. This time I went with Mona and Mo, and we spent the entire day at the Dubai Mall. The place just swallows you up, but it is pretty cool. While we were there we visited Magnolia bakery, which is located inside the Bloomingdale's.  It felt just like home! We also sat outside for dinner so we could enjoy the fountain shows. All in all, a very nice day.
     My first Emirati wedding was spectacular, and I imagine that they can get way more elaborate than this. The men and women are separated, so we had to trek around back to the ladies' entrance. It was worth the walk. When you walk in, your eyes are darting everywhere to take it all in. The sparkle, the flowers, the elaborate dresses, big hair, airbrushed makeup, and the runway that cuts through the center of the room make for quite the first impression. We were greeted very warmly, and introduced to all of Mona's sisters. Mona (different from Mona who came to Dubai) is a coworker who invited us to join in the festivities.

     We didn't actually see her until about an hour in, but her sisters took care of us and let us pick a table. There were 60 10-tops to choose from, so we picked one close to the stage. From the moment we sat until the time we left, we were bombarded with drinks, food and desserts. The music started and women and children were up on that stage dancing all night. That is, until the men came in, at which point they covered up again, but it was awesome to see all of the beautiful women without their abayas for a few hours. They were great dancers and seriously the most wonderful hosts ever. They must have checked on us at least ten times. I am excited to go to more weddings in the future, because I imagine every one is a little different and just as beautiful.
Ice cream for Mo's bday!
      Sunday was Mo's birthday, so I took her to the gym! In all fairness, after the gym we spent the day by the pool and swim up bar. I finally put my gym membership to use after purchasing it a week prior and it felt good to finally exercise again. I've been pretty negligent since I've gotten here, but I plan to be more diligent once school starts back up. While at the pool, we met some nice Scottish people and it turns out two of them live here and are golf pros just down the street at the Rugby club. I think I'll check it out later this week. I have yet to see the place and wouldn't mind hitting a bucket at the driving range for some stress relief!
    We ended the night with a rooftop BBQ at Lisa's apartment complex. It was a great time. We met several other teachers and some Lebanese engineers. Lisa's friend who will take us dune bashing on Saturday was also there. The food and company were wonderful and I hope that there are more BBQs to come!
Kitchen sans washer/dryer
    I've been running around getting things for my apartment for the last two weeks. Every time I leave the apartment I buy more stuff and every time I return home, I remember something I forgot! I think I am pretty settled now, and won't need anything else major until I move to a new apartment in a few months. I am the proud owner of a washer/dryer and my last load of laundry is currently in right now! I am glad to be semi-settled and look forward to being in a more permanent home once this lease is up. Aside from that, I've just been spending times with friends and loving life here in Al Ain.

     I will try to be better about posting more, and as I settle into a routine and get out of vacation mode, I think it will be easier to get to. I will also try to start taking more pictures! See you again soon blog world. Inshallah!


  1. Gosh, I love your posts, but they sort of make me miss you that much more. I am so glad you are having such an amazing time way over yonder! We need to make a visit happen while you are there!!!! I love you! Let's Skype soon.

  2. Sarah is going to be so upset with youuuu!