Sunday, February 19, 2012

Beth's Last Night In Town

     If you like Ben Folds, then perhaps you know the song 'Steven's Last Night in Town.' My life was starting to seem an awful lot like that song. YouTube it! I kept telling friends and family that this was for sure, the last time I would be seeing them, only to see them again days later. Was I ever going to leave the country? Or had I lied about moving across the world in an effort to trick people into buying me a free drink or two?? I was beginning to wonder myself.   
     Until.....I GOT MY TICKET!!!! Holy amazeballs, I am actually doing this. I am uprooting and moving to the opposite side of the world. What was I thinking? This is crazy, nuts, certifiable, who does this?? (Insert panic attack, complete with call to Gill to talk me down from my ledge.)....and, "Oh yeah, I do this, and I feel pretty awesome about it." Sure, it will be a little scary at first, but mostly it's just a completely amazing, exciting adventure that I am finally about to start.
     Really, the panic came because I had gotten so comfortable and laid back about waiting. After all, I was exercising all that patience and flexibility I would be needing upon my arrival and will continue to maintain throughout my stay in the UAE. (No promises about how it will hold up upon my return to the states.)  I had totally and utterly resigned myself to the fact that I would fly out while my sister was in Florida. I just knew that I would definitely have to drive myself to the airport and would have no family to see me off as they had all ruthlessly left me for the sunshine state. Just  as I was about to plummet into a state of full-on wallow and self-pity, I woke up around 8:30 on Saturday and checked my email. I was fully expecting to find nothing. After all, I was leaving in two weeks, right? I would look at it and roll right back into dreamland. NOPE! There it was, an e-ticket with my name on it, delivered at 2:07 am. I had gone to bed at about 1:58. Thank goodness I missed it, or I would not have slept a wink that night.
     So I went upstairs and told my sister that we would not be enjoying free admission at Mount Vernon in honor of Presidents' Day on Monday, because she was driving my toosh to JFK!!! We were all very excited, and I of course, told everyone I know and posted it on FB for the whole world to see...I got the golden ticket!!! And now my adventures can really begin. Stay tuned!

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