Sunday, February 19, 2012

I Will Miss You!!

     By 'you', I of course mean my incredible friends and family, but also places, and things. I've said a lot of goodbyes in the last two months. Many people have gotten repeat goodbyes, since I was lucky enough to squeeze in lots of visits before I left for good. It didn't quite hit me just how much I will miss everyone, until I got my actual ticket. I couldn't really wrap my head around the fact that I was leaving, since, well, I wasn't really leaving.
     This resulted in me seeming cold and heartless, as some of my friends and family cried when seeing me for last time before I was shipped down to Lisa and Brett's in Maryland. It just didn't feel like goodbye when there was no plane, let alone ticket, in sight. Now it's in sight, and I will probably sob like a baby when I have to say goodbye for real to my best friend, sister, and nieces. We'll see if I can hold it together. Until then, here are some of the other things I will miss. 
     I will miss my house. I can't wait to step back into it and get that first whiff of home when I walk through the door in July. It was hard leaving my little mini apartment, but I am trading it in for an actual apartment plus furnish allowance, so I think I'll be okay for five months. Here it is in all its glory. Hope it is this neat when I get back!

     I will also miss Brooklyn! I know, I know, I live upstate, but I lived in Brooklyn for two glorious years, and I love it. We drove through today on our way to Long Island and took pictures of two of my favorite things about Brooklyn: the Verrazano Bridge, and the Belt Parkway Promenade. I loved going to work each morning on 92nd and 5th and seeing the Bridge in the near distance. I especially loved when it was engulfed in fog on those muggy spring mornings. Cathy and I walked that promenade pretty much every day in the '07/'08 school year from Owl's Head down to the bridge and back. I don't know what was better -walking toward the view of the bridge or walking back toward the Manhattan skyline. Both were great, and something I love, love, love.

On the Verrazano

View from promenade
     Like I said, I will miss all my family and friends, but I will especially miss these three little monkeys. I have had the pleasure of spending the last three weeks with two of my adorable nieces, and had a nice long Face Time with my youngest niece today. Friendly reminder to my brother and sister-in-law, all I want for my birthday is for Cora to say, "Happy birthday Aunt Bethie." I think it can be done in the three months and one week until my big 3-0!
Ella enjoying a walk!

Ava focusing on the DVD player!

Cora enjoying bath time!
     I know that I will meet a lot of great new people and see lots of spectacular new things, but I will miss home and everyone here. It will be great to see everyone in July! Until then, keep following my journey here on AbuDummy!

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