Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Friday Brunch...An Expat Tradition!

     What else is there to do on a holy day, but go to an all you can eat/drink Japanese brunch? Nothing, I tell you! Which is why a few of us decided to take part in this expat tradition. Am I ever glad we did. I had a great time and made some new friends. Not to mention the food was spectacular. You may be wondering what exactly this tradition entails, so I shall tell you.
Ramona and Leah
Leah and Me
Yum, yum and yum!
     Apparently most of the big hotels host these expat brunches. According to Ramona, Ben's friend who is in her second year here, they are very popular, and a lot of them have groupon deals if you look for them. The restaurants are usually on the water with amazing views. We chose Sho Cho, located in the Souk Qaryat Al Beri, situated directly across the water from the Grand Mosque. WOW! It was a gorgeous day and they started bringing us specialty drinks as soon as we sat down. We had everything from pineapple mojitos to jager bombs. If the drinks weren't enough there was the food...the food!! They brought out edamame, chicken teriyaki, sushi, salmon, hamour and tuna sashimi, steak tar tar, prawn egg rolls and those were just the appetizers! We each selected a main dish and I chose the rock shrimp in a creamy chili sauce. Oh my goodness, this may be the best thing I have ever tasted in my whole life. Bottom line, I'm hooked on these brunches and want to try one at least once a month!
     Despite the fact that we drank from noon to 4:30, that did not stop us from returning to the souk later that night to try out the club 8. We did have a break back at the hotel where we relaxed (I may have dozed a little on the couch) and changed to go to a bar. I was super tired while we were there, but had fun nonetheless. We wound up chatting with a bunch of guys from the French Legion all night and it was a lot of fun trying to tell stories and interpret stories through the major language barriers. The guys we were talking to most, were Romanian and French. They were pretty hysterical and Ramona got our favorite Romanian's number so we can meet up again when they come back to town.

Best shrimp in the world!

Maureen, Me, Ben
     If anyone from home decides to come visit me, you have one of these brunches to look forward to. I hope these picture entice some of you to start saving for your plane tickets now!

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